Consign with us

You get 50% of the selling price.

We keep the items for two months.

You are paid by check after the two month period or you may use the funds as store credit at any time and receive an additional 10% off purchases.

It is your responsibility to pick up your unsold items within two weeks of your pick up date. Or you have the option for us to donate it to charity.

How to bring in your items

We have reached the max capacity with inventory this month, please check back at the beginning of December to bring in items. Purses and luxury items will always be considered.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


Drop & Run

These accounts can drop off an unlimited amount of items any time and will receive a detailed list containing all of the items we accept, with the understanding that items we do not accept and do not sell after the 60 day period will be donated to charity.

*Due to the large volume of drop-offs, we cannot guarantee a specific turnaround time on processing.

10 item or less Tuesday 

(We do not accept items September or February) 

You can bring in 10 items or less on any Tuesday. You can shop while you wait. First come, first served.


Appointments are only made for the current week and for items on our Current High Demand or Top Selling Brand lists. Luxury brands not on our list are always considered. If you have items on our lists or something we simply cannot refuse, please fill out this appointment request form and our merchandiser will get back to you: